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  1. Pepper Fest is here! (at Pepper Fest Park) 5 days ago
  2. Mom and me at Andy’s wedding (at Prestwick Golf Club) 3 weeks ago
  3. Dad and me at the Packers Shareholder Meeting.  (at Lambeau Field) 3 weeks ago
  4. Bon fire at the ‘rents 2 months ago
  5. View from my desk. #work #newrichmond (at New Richmond News) 3 months ago
  6. Saw a nice print ad for Stillwater Current in a free shopper today. Nice going, @shawnhogendorf ! 3 months ago
  7. My first Ms. PacMan kill screen… (at American Sky Beer) 3 months ago
  8. Just set another new high score on the Ms. PacMan machine at the brewery.  (at American Sky Brewing) 4 months ago
  9. Still in good shape… #marchmadness 4 months ago
  10. Greg and Nate just starting the mashing stage for a Munich Hellis “Hellcat” that will be ready in about six weeks.  (at American Sky Brewing) 5 months ago
  11. Just set new high score on Ms. PacMan machine.  (at American Sky Brewing) 5 months ago
  12. Just laid down a high score in the joint’s new Ms. PacMan machine.  (at American Sky Brewing) 5 months ago
  13. The Smilin’ Moose has opened in downtown Hudson. Come check it out! (at Smilin’ Moose) 5 months ago
  14. Covering a heroin forum at New Richmond High School (at New Richmond High School) 5 months ago
  15. My 2015 tabs came in an envelope that reminds me to cross railroad tracks safely. Seems appropriate this year. 5 months ago