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  1. Just lounging (at Waynes Foods Plus) 12 hours ago
  2. You’ve got to appreciate the honesty (at New Richmond News) 12 hours ago
  3. New Minnesota record!! (at Stillwater Lift Bridge) 1 week ago
  4. My street. (at Mallalieu Inn) 1 week ago
  5. 1 month ago
  6. Pepper Fest is here! (at Pepper Fest Park) 2 months ago
  7. Mom and me at Andy’s wedding (at Prestwick Golf Club) 2 months ago
  8. Dad and me at the Packers Shareholder Meeting.  (at Lambeau Field) 2 months ago
  9. Bon fire at the ‘rents 4 months ago
  10. View from my desk. #work #newrichmond (at New Richmond News) 5 months ago
  11. Saw a nice print ad for Stillwater Current in a free shopper today. Nice going, @shawnhogendorf ! 5 months ago
  12. My first Ms. PacMan kill screen… (at American Sky Beer) 5 months ago
  13. Just set another new high score on the Ms. PacMan machine at the brewery.  (at American Sky Brewing) 6 months ago
  14. Still in good shape… #marchmadness 6 months ago
  15. Greg and Nate just starting the mashing stage for a Munich Hellis “Hellcat” that will be ready in about six weeks.  (at American Sky Brewing) 7 months ago